Team KIMIs mission is to deliver the same values that we live by in the Urban Micro Mobility arena to the world of children's mobility toys. The KIMI collection will always put Safety first and deliver distint design, quality finish, an exhilarating riding experience and a great value for your investment.

The urban mobility arena is quickly progressing to green pollution free solutions, and pedestrians and micro mobility solutions are making cars obsolete. Today we all can choose from a multitude of options how to get to our destination and we seek not only efficiency but to make our journey to the destination an experience of quality time.

KIMI introduces new solutions for children that encourage participation and activity instead of a being a passive passenger in a stroller… or on the parents shoulders… KIMI empowers and promotes confidence in a child rider to meet the challenge of a long ride without being too concerned about balancing or physical over exertion.

KIMI is an opportunity to educate our kids to ride safe an be considerate of all the other riders and pedestrians that the encounter.

Who is KIMI?

Team KIMI are committed to deliver our distinct fingerprint that integrates innovation and creativity in every facet of our product experience. Our engineers and child safety experts bring a decade of international experience in designing and maintaining Micro Mobilty solutions for worldwide brands like INOKIM and others…

KIMI provides a global network of after-sale service providers to allow parents the highest level of child safety over time.